How to Absorb More Protein from Your Protein Supplement


Not getting what you want from your protein supplement? Making a few simple changes can help your body absorb more protein and take your workout to the next level.


A great workout isn’t just about taking supplements and working up a serious sweat. If your body isn’t equipped to absorb proteins and nutrients, you won’t be doing any favors to your health or your wallet.


In this article, we’re going to give you some science-backed tips on how to boost your protein absorption so you can crush that workout and enjoy better overall health.


Let’s do this.


Read First: What You Need to Know about Bioavailability


Bioavailability is a fancy word that describes how much of a supplement or nutrient your body can absorb.


For example, the mineral manganese has a bioavailability of about 5%. That means when you take a 10mg manganese supplement, your body will only absorb about 0.5mg.


Protein powders have decent bioavailability, but if your body is not primed to absorb protein, you could be converting over a third of your protein supplement into unused waste.


But there is good news.


If you take the right powder supplements and make a few changes to your routine, you can boost the bioavailability of your protein to 100.


Here’s how to do it.


Consume Collagen


Most people think of collagen as a hair, skin, and nails supplement and not something that belongs in the gym.

Woman with blonde hair in the garden


Think again.


It’s true that collagen is a key protein for keeping you Insta-beautiful, but it also helps repair your internal organs—especially the lining of your intestine.


Your gut is where your protein supplement is absorbed into the bloodstream, so maintaining a healthy intestinal wall is crucial.


To get more collagen, take a supplement or eat more seafood, eggs, and beans.


Go Pro(biotic)


Keeping your gut healthy is a two-pronged offensive. A healthy intestinal wall is a must, but you also need to have the right bacteria in your gut to break down those proteins and deliver them to your system.


Eating probiotic foods ensures that your gut remains replete with healthy bacteria that work just as hard as you do when you pump that iron.


To get more probiotics, eat yogurt and pickles or drink kombucha.


Say Bye to Beer


Alcohol is not kind to the intestines. In fact, it promotes inflammation that keeps the gut from doing its job.


If you drink alcohol more than a few days a week, it might not matter how much protein you take. If your gut is inflamed, you will severely limit your ability to absorb your protein and nutrients in general.

People clashing beer glasses

Timing is Everything


It doesn’t matter how cool it looks; chugging a protein shake Mountain Dew-style before your workout will probably result in decreased bioavailability.


Instead, drink half of it before your workout and drink the rest throughout. Staggering your intake will keep your body fueled and make it easier for your gut to absorb protein effectively.


Feast Mode


Just because you take a protein supplement doesn’t mean you should skimp on protein for the rest of the day.


Protein levels in your body fluctuate throughout the day, so you need to keep on your game and eat like you mean it (to kickstart recovery, you might want to take some of your protein supplement after your workout too).


Try eating small meals more regularly to make sure you’re getting all the protein your muscles need to strengthen and recover.



To sum up: eating wisely, drinking less, and taking a highly bioavailable protein supplements are the best ways to absorb more protein and crush your #SWOL goals. It’s time to hit the gym!



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