Staying focused at work or in life can seem almost impossible at times. Finishing simple tasks can often take what feels like forever because we are unable to keep our focus on one task.

Don’t worry though, there are solutions to help you retain and improve your focus. Here are some of our favorite ways:

1.     Yoga Poses for Focus

Yoga is a type of exercise that expects its practitioners to clear their mind and be able to concentrate on holding certain poses for a period of time. Holding these poses correctly while breathing requires a level of focus that only comes with practice and time.

There are a few yoga poses that are easy to do, and require you to practice focus and concentration, in turn improving it over time.

These poses include the following:

Chair Pose

Stand straight with your big toes touching and your palms facing outward. Inhale and raise your arms up above your head with your palms facing inward. Exhale and bend your knees, trying to keep your thighs as parallel to the floor as possible for you. Your back will tilt forward and your knees will cross over your toes. Keep your shoulders firm and rotated toward your back and concentrate on elongating your back.

Hold this pose for 5 to 10 breaths.

Dancer Pose

Begin by standing up straight with your feet together and your palms facing out. Shift your weight onto your left leg. Bend your right knee and lift that leg behind you as you tilt your body forward. Grab onto the inner ankle of your right foot with your right hand stretched behind you. Lift your left arm up in front of you and stretch it so your fingertips are facing the ceiling and your palm is facing the right. Pick a spot straight in front of your and lock your gaze onto it to hone in your focus. Once you are stable, slowly tilt your torso forward and stretch your right leg further back and up.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

Extended Triangle Pose

Start by standing straight with your feet together and your palms facing out. Exhale deeply and jump one leg out so your legs are about four feet apart. Turn your left foot slightly inwards and turn your right foot 90˚ to the right so your toes are pointing forward. Align your right knee and thigh with your right foot. Raise your arms and stretch them out parallel to the floor on either side of your body with your palms facing down. Exhale and bend your body from the hip joint over to the right side, with your right hand resting on the floor behind your right leg and your left arm stretched over your head so your fingers are pointing at the ceiling and your head is turned toward the ceiling as well.

Hold this position for one minute.

2.     Cut Out the Distractions

This one goes without saying, but it is often one people don’t practice. You won’t be able to narrow in your focus on one thing if your mind is distracted by another. Pointless distractions like your phone or computer notifications that have nothing to do with what you want to focus on can break your concentration and take away from your focus.

Start with cutting out your phone. Phones have multiple apps and ways of distracting you. It is probably your biggest hindrance while you are trying to concentrate. When you’re trying to focus, put your phone on airplane mode so you can be free of all the unnecessary beeping that is sure to break your work flow. The same goes for your computer notifications; switch off all notifications so you can complete your chosen task before moving onto the next.

Another great way to cut out distracting sounds around you is by playing music on headphones. It is scientifically proven that music helps you focus, as long as it is a song you like. You will be able to zone out all the unwanted sounds around you and focus a little better.

3.     Take Short and Frequent Breaks

If you try to keep your brain stimulated for a long period of time without giving it a break, it is sure to burn out. You might think that if you step away from a task that you are concentrating on, you will break your focus, but in reality, you are depleting your energy and mental capacity as you keep your focus on one task for a prolonged period of time.

Instead of trying and forcing yourself to keep concentrating on the same task and wasting time doing so, divert your attention to a completely unrelated task or then take a short break. When you get back to your task at hand, your focus will be a lot better and you will actually be able to get your work done.

4.     Get on the Mindfulness and Meditation Bandwagon

Mindfulness and meditation specifically teach you how to train your brain to really focus on each part of your body and mind individually. This focus can be applied to other areas of your life once you practice and get the hang of it. The easiest way to bring mindfulness into your life is through mindful breathing.

Find a comfortable place to sit, either on a chair with your feet planted on the ground and your hands resting on either leg with your palms facing upward, or then sitting cross legged on the floor with your hands resting gently on your knees with your palms facing upward.

Close your eyes and start focusing on your breath. Feel as the air enters your noses, what it feels like as it goes through your air passage into your lungs and what it feels like as it leaves your body. Feel every part of your body as it is in contact with the seat under you or the ground beneath you. If any unwanted thought or outside noise distracts you, instead of expelling it from your mind, let it enter, acknowledge it and let it pass out again as you regain your focus.

Start this practice for at least 5 minutes a day. As you get comfortable with it, you can start increasing your time.

5.     Take Some Theacrine

Theacrine is a naturally occurring substance that is used to boost energy and increase focus in humans. It is usually available in supplement form; these supplements are a natural and safe stimulant and are often used to replace caffeine. Theacrine will help you stay productive by keeping your energy levels up and keeping you focused, and the best part is that you won’t have that crash that you get with coffee.

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