The 7 Best Foods for Fat Loss

Tired of dieting? Try the 7 best foods for fat loss to boost your body’s calorie burners instead of adding to your belly!


Fresh salmon crostinis, pasta with sun-dried tomato pesto, wild berry smoothies—is this your cheat day?

Nope. This is your new (and delicious) fat-burning diet.

The foods on our list give your body the nutrients it needs to burn MORE fat and keep you from putting on the pounds.

We’ll even share some amazing meal ideas so you can start eating great and losing weight today.

Hack you Diet with these 10 Foods for Fat Loss


Fish like tuna and salmon are some of the best foods for fat loss because they contain healthy proteins that control cravings. They are also packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that light the fire under your fat burners.


Doctors said for years that eggs had too much cholesterol. Now, the research shows that eggs are actually great for heart health and weight loss.

Eggs cause you to feel fuller throughout the day, and they have been shown to increase metabolism (aka calorie burning).


A handful of almonds is a much healthier snack than chips or sweets, and they can help you burn more fat.

One study found that eating a quarter-cup of almonds daily for six months resulted in a huge reduction in BMI. This is because almonds contain a compound that limits the amount of fat the body can absorb.

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Packed with antioxidants and 9-oxo-ODA (a compound that triggers your DNA to turn on your fat-burning machines), sun-dried tomatoes are delicious and powerful for weight loss.

Put them in a food processor with almonds, olive oil, garlic, and your favorite Italian herbs to make a potent fat-burning pesto!


Switch your sweets out for berries and you’ll have to switch your wardrobe too—because these little gifts of the forest are associated with turning evil, hard-to-burn white fat into friendly brown fat.

Berries are an amazing snack if you have a stubborn sweet tooth (and they are also great for breakfast and dessert).

Add a spoonful of greek yogurt and blend for a decadent fat-crushing smoothie!


Is this…food? Well, sort of. BCAAs are taken by athletes to help build muscle and boost energy. If you’re doing any exercise to accompany your diet, you need to add these.

Short for “branched-chain amino acids,” BCAAs helped fitness fiends lose more weight doing the same exercises compared to those not taking them.

You can take BCAAs in a powder formula that makes a pretty decent shake. Drink before exercise and let your body do the rest!

Greek Yogurt

Of our 7 best foods for fat loss, this might be the craziest. Why?

Because the most powerful fat-burning Greek yogurt is the FULL-FAT option! Enjoy its ultra-creamy, guilt-free goodness in smoothies, with granola, and drizzled with organic honey and burn calories in a state of ecstasy.

Full-fat dairy products are linked with weight loss, believe it or not, and Greek yogurt has the added benefit of being packed with probiotics that assist your gut in absorbing nutrients.

Eat Great, Lose Weight

This list of the 7 best foods for fat loss is by no means exhaustive, but these are definitely some of the most delicious. Pick a few to become new staples in your diet and wave goodbye to those excess pounds!

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