Top 5 Exercises for Fat Loss

Are you trying to lose weight fast? These top 5 exercises for fat loss are proven to help you shed pounds faster and easier than other methods.


Work smarter, not harder! If you’re trying to lose weight, some exercises are much better at destroying that hard-to-burn excess fat than others.

These top 5 exercises for fat loss are super simple and require zero equipment (#3 burns WAY more fat than you think).

We even throw in some tips that will help you burn even faster without increasing your time at the gym.

Let’s get to it!

5 Exercises for Uber-Quick Fat Loss


Forget the dumbbells and gym memberships. The best way to burn fat is to put one foot in front of the other.

Jogging has been shown to burn the most stubborn types of fat, and in conjunction with a proper diet, you can start shedding pounds in as little as a few weeks.

Pro Tip: Hate jogging? Take it slow! There’s no need to be the next Usain Bolt. Set a pace you’re comfortable with and go from there.


Swimming might be the all-time best exercise for fat loss.

Swimming is cardio and strength training at the same time, and because your body has to burn more fuel to support its core temperature in water, the calories burned go through the roof.

Do as many laps of the front stroke (aka freestyle) as you can and then switch to a different stroke when you get tired. When you can’t do anymore, maximize your in-water time by treading.


Yoga burns fat? But how? It’s just a bunch of stretches!

Yoga poses have been honed over centuries to improve physical and mental health in many ways—and this includes maintaining a healthy weight.

Yoga is a relaxing and gentle exercise, yet it still burns around 300 calories an hour (that’s about half as many as jogging but without all the huffing and puffing).

Because of this, it’s especially beneficial for seniors who want to lose weight.


Burpees burn serious fat AND tone all the major muscle groups without requiring you to leave the house.

All you need is a small patch of floor and you’re ready to do the up-down motion that is a staple among athletes and CrossFitters (who all have amazing bodies, by the way).

And the best part? Burpees are super easy to do. Check them out here.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope might seem like a game for kids, but don’t be fooled—this amazing cardio workout burns 25% more calories than running.

This exercise is not only a huge fat burner, but it’s also fun. Put on your favorite tunes and start skipping!

Pro Tip: Invest in a quality jump rope or you’ll be constantly tripping over your feet and interrupting your workout.

More Pro Tips for MAXIMUM Fat Loss

You can boost your burn with our top 5 exercises for fat loss, but add these tips to your regimen and you’ll send it into hyperdrive.

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